Forwarding services can cover the whole range of operations required for transportation of cargo from the seller’s warehouse to the consignee’s warehouse including the services described in other sections of our site. Depending on the customer’s request we offer the following services.


For export cargo:

  • order and provision of empty equipment for removal of cargo from the shipper’s warehouse by motor or railway transport;
  • organization of the customer’s cargo receipt in the sea port of Saint-Petersburg arriving by railway or by trucks;
  • organization of timely loading of cargo on a vessel and preparation of the appropriate documents for the cargo;
  • booking of cargo on a vessel;
  • payment of terminal operations;
  • cargo tracking;
  • consulting services in the sphere of the customer’s cargo customs clearance.


For import cargo:

  • organization of cargo delivery to the port of loading;
  • organization of sea transportation;
  • organization and supervision of cargo discharging  in the port of destination;
  • organization of cargo stuffing into railway carriages or motor transport;
  • drawing up of transport documentation for removal of cargo from the port;
  • organization of cargo delivery from the port to the consignee’s warehouse or to local the railway station;
  • cargo tracking.


In the majority of cases forwarding on the territory of the port is an associated service which we render for combined import or export transportations. Often it happens that this service is the only one the customer requests transferring control of further cargo traffic to the buyer or the seller together with conveyance of property for the goods.


In such cases the volume of our work is limited by the following operations:


  • cargo delivery and removal from the port by motor and railway transport;
  • organization of terminal operations in the port of loading/discharging;
  • interaction with the line on reception of necessary documents (bill of lading, release, order);
  • informing the customer on the date of cargo arrival to the port;
  • transfer of necessary documents to the customer’s broker for further customs clearance;
  • warehousing cargo for temporary storage;
  • control and organization of documents circulation;
  • organization of cargo loading on board ship or unloading;
  • sea freight.


Sometimes in order to improve the service or to reduce total expenses we use a special terminal in Saint-Petersburg: we reload cargo from a motor vehicle or a railway carriage to a container and then we shift the cargo to the port for further sea transportation. Many our customers take the following advantages of this well-proven scheme:


  • possibility of longer free storage than in the port;
  • location of the terminal in the area upstream of the port, in the immediate vicinity of the Ring Motorway in 10 kilometers far from the sea port;
  • availability of the area for cargo customs clearance;
  • availability of a large park of empty containers of different lines;
  • availability of certificates, experience and equipment required for servicing hazardous cargo;
  • availability of a reefer containers storage area which allows storing up to 120 containers at the same time.