Containres shipments

Popularity of container transportation is growing steadily year by year. The volumes of such shipments and bill of goods transported in containers are continually increasing. This service has got so cheap and available that now materials which previously were transported in bulk (such as scrap metal, saw logs, steel turnings) or even were not transported at all (used packing polyethylene films) are packed into containers. Stepwise increased container traffic through Saint-Petersburg resulted in that now many private berths specialize only in servicing feeder container lines and the timber port t port of Saint-Petersburg (Petrolesport) now uses the greater part of its areas for container cargo operations.

The general market tendency has affected the activity structure of our company as well – this trend has become one of the characteristic kinds. In light of its significance in sight of international transportation development we go on actively expanding the range of the services rendered within this specialization. We carry out combined transportation of goods by trucks, by rail and by sea ensuring door-to-door delivery of containers by through cargo documents. It makes delivery much easier, faster and cheaper. These services allow even the smallest cargo owners to use the advantages of container transportation systems with maximum effect.

We carry out transshipment in the terminals and warehouses located on the territory of the sea port of Saint-Petersburg as well as outside it, in every specific case making an optimal scheme in relation to expenses, quality and time. For practical realization of such schemes we render the following services:


  • delivery of containers by trucks and by rail to the place of loading, further delivery to a port;
  • cargo transportation in the mode of internal russian customs transit;
  • possibility of using containers of different shipping lines;
  • possibility of materials re-stuffing from railway cars or motor transport to containers;
  • terminal in Saint-Petersburg with a railway connection;
  • sea freight on different delivery bases;
  • intermodal transport including door-to-door delivery of cargo;
  • development of individual schemes of cargo delivery;
  • cargo tracking en route;
  • coordination of actions of transportation participants;
  • regular information of cargo location and status;
  • cargo insurance;


We ensure cargo monitoring by using our channels of tracking (foreign subsidiaries and representative offices, contacts with local partners) and provide our customers with full and regular information on location and chances of cargo delivery to the place of destination.