Heavy-Lift cargo

Transportation of Heavy-Lift cargo is a special line of our business. Such kind of shipments requires special knowledge of specificity and above all – practical experience. Even very well worked out schemes can be messed up due to lack of special permissions and ignorance of peculiarities of legislation of different countries including customs clearance and rules of long cargo transportation by trucks.

For the time of our work we have managed to transport dozens of units of hardware, equipment and even mini-plants from the USA, Poland, Germany, Italy, Finland, China, England and the Netherlands.

We offer the following services to our customers:


  • organization of handling operations at the shipper’s/consignee’s place (preliminary visit of our representative to the point of loading or unloading is possible);
  • delivery of cargo from the shipper’s door to the port of loading by means of motor and railway transport including the dedicated one;
  • sea freight;
  • unloading in the port of destination;
  • forwarding in the ports of loading and unloading;
  • organization of handling operations in the ports of loading and unloading;
  • delivery of cargo to the final destination as well as in the mode of ICT (internal customs transit);
  • consulting in customs clearance of cargo;
  • cargo insurance.


Transportation of Heavy-Lift cargo is a very difficult process not only in practice but in its theoretical part as well. Often working out the competent and safe scheme of transportation, fastening of objects and laying the optimal cargo transportation route requires much more time than transportation itself: the mere getting of necessary permissions can take up to 30 days.

Combined transportations by different modes of transport with crossing state borders of different countries can be successfully carried out only under the following conditions:

  • precise consistency of all segments of the route laid;
  • availability of all necessary documents and agreements;
  • close control on the part of the forwarding agent.

The engineers of our company are equally punctual both in the stage of preparation and shipping of cargo and in the process of its transportation. This allows avoiding extra costs and accidental delays en route.