ANSON LOGISTICS LTD was established in 2001 by the specialists with more than ten-year experience of work in the sphere of logistics and sea transport management.

At the very beginning of its existence the company specialized mainly in transportation of bulk cargo from the ports of the Baltic and the Black seas. At that special attention was paid to transportation of sawn timber, non-ferrous, and ferrous metals. For these years we have considerably expanded the sphere of our business, however, the above mentioned lines still remain for us the most important ones. Thus, for the last five years the annual volume of non-ferrous and ferrous metals transported by our company was from 300 to 400 thousand tons. We cooperate practically with all major charterers for transportation of metals from Russia and service several long term contracts.

Working out and optimization of logistic schemes of cargo transportation remains the priority line of our activity. We offer a wide range of services on carrying out combined transportations covering all stages and peculiarities of delivery process arising from connection of different modes of transport and peculiarities of statutory requirements of different countries. In addition to the standard operations of transportation and forwarding services of cargo – delivery materials to the port, forwarding in the port, sea freight and further delivery to the door of the consignee – we render practical assistance in preparation of the documents for cargo and legal assistance in cases of legal conflicts. We have an unique experience and knowledge of practical peculiarities of international sea law as well as specificity of its application in the countries of Eurozone and in the United States of America. Our lawyers have a rich experience of conduct of arbitration proceedings and they are ready to consult and to render practical assistance for resolution of any claims and disputes.

One of the specific lines of our activity is transportation of Heavy-Lift cargo: structures and the whole industrial complexes. For the recent years we have carried out transportation of several plants and production workshops from the countries of West and East Europe to the towns of central Russia that considerably enriched our practical experience in execution of such projects both on the territory of the Russian Federation and other countries.

In the port of Saint-Petersburg we fulfill all kinds of works for receipt, transshipment and stuffing to containers as well as preparation documents for any freight shipments.

In recent years more often we started to include the ports of Estonia and Ukraine to our logistic schemes.

Our customers can obtain tangible benefits from the services rendered, quality of our work, responsibility and punctuality on realization of the cargo transportation schemes worked out for each stage of the transportation process. We see to it that these characteristics of our activity remain unchangeable with all swift changes of the freight market.